Do prices include alcohol?

The starting prices do not include beverages, please contact us using the Contact page and we would love to hear the details of your event and handle all your beverage catering needs.

Do you provide the beverages I decide on? Or, can I provide my own?

The answer is yes, and yes! The easiest process is to have TAPS not only deliver your beverages, but you can rest assured that your refreshments will be stored and delivered in a temperature controlled environment ensuring perfect pours for you and your guests. Also, we will be able to provide a complete setup AND clean up when we deliver your beverages with your unit. This not only makes the setup and cleanup process efficient, it makes it a stress free process for your special day.

Do you only serve beer?

Nope, we not only serve huge amounts of locally brewed craft beers made right here in Bend, Oregon. We also serve Wine, Champagne, Ciders, Margaritas,even kombucha!

What should I serve my guests? How much should I serve my guests?

We would love to create a menu to offer a popular variety of Bend's local beers to your guests!
Need a wine list to compliment your food menu?
Our staff has extensive knowledge in both beer and wine to handle all your questions and needs!

Where can TAPS Units be used?

Based on the unit you choose, TAPS can go just about everywhere and anywhere you want to have a great time. The Full Pub Package can be ran off grid for electricity but the Mini TAPS and Micro TAPS will need access to an electrical source.